Our Mission

To help coaches plan, build and develop a winning culture that is set up for success


Our Story

We are both high school teachers who coach multiple sports and work with student athletes on a regular basis.  Over the years we have watched some of our most talented teams underachieve.  Among other things, our players lacked mental toughness.  Unfortunately, this is a common problem most coaches encounter; their athletes lack G.R.I.T.

G– Growth Mindset: View challenges as opportunities to grow

R– Resiliency: Ability to bounce back from failure 

I– Initiative: Having a strong desire to achieve excellence

T– Team Culture: Focus is put on team, not individual success

We made it a priority to address these issues, and the results have been game changing.  Now, we are passionate in our endeavours to help you unlock your team’s full potential and develop a roster full of athletes who have G.R.I.T., all while saving you time and energy.  

Our Values & Beliefs


We are committed to our members and are readily available to answer questions and provide valuable feedback and support.


We are motivated to help our members unlock their team’s full potential and achieve success.  


We are passionate in our endeavours to help coaches turn student athletes into mentally tough & resilient leaders. 

Meet Our Team

Matt Armatoski

What’s Up Coaches?

My name is Matt, but those who know me best often refer to me as Armo.  I was born and raised in a small town in Central Wisconsin.  Just like your typical Wisconsinite- I love the Packers, Cheese, Beer, and Bratwurst (generally in that order).

I also enjoy hanging out with my family, especially my wife and two kids.  Being that I’m one of six children, family get-togethers are CRAZY FUN!

I’m always looking to have a good time (work hard, play hard).  I love being outdoors.  Whether I’m sitting in the ice shanty in the winter or chilling on the boat in the summer, life is good!  Or as I like to say- I’m livin’ the dream!

Mark Vollbrecht

Hi everyone!  My name is Mark Vollbrecht and I have been passionate about coaching since my playing days ended.  I come from a small town in Wisconsin where my dad was a football coach.  I have three kids (2 boys and a girl) so I don’t get to the golf course as much as I would like.  When I am not coaching or teaching, you will find me in the pool with my family or drinking a Miller Lite watching a game with my friends (other coaches).  A few years ago I rediscovered my passion for serving others.  This time it was developing service leadership in the students and athletes that I work with.  I am constantly reading the next book on the topic and looking to implement new ways to make myself a better leader.  I look forward to making connections in the coaching world and being a resource for anyone who shares the interest of service leadership.

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